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This privacy policy defines how to use and protect your personal information processed by our Company, subsidiaries, affiliated companies and other group companies when you use this website on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Please read the following information before sharing your details with us. If you do not want your information to be processed as described here, do not use the website or share your personal data with us.

By scanning or using any part of the Tarsus websites, you agree to be bound by this privacy policy.


Our Company, Tarsus Turkey, is registered with tax number 6080537219 in Istanbul, Turkey, at the address of Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No: 124, Özsezen İş Merkezi B Blok Kat:6 34394 Şişli - Istanbul, Turkey.

Our Company, Tarsus Group Ltd., is the subsidiary of Tarsus Group Ltd., a media group operating in fairs and related conferences in the publishing, education and internet sectors, located in the United Kingdom with registration number 02000544, at the address of Metro Building, 9th Floor, 1 Butterwick London, W6 8DL, United Kingdom.

Our Company attaches great importance to the protection of personal data that it obtains or will obtain as a result of its operations. In this regard, our Company has prepared this policy in order to determine the principles applied on the processing, protection, storage and disposal of personal data, and to inform data owners of the measures taken. The Company has been performing its activity related to personal data within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Policy or Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.


Personal data refers to all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.


Our Company processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • Information related to fairs;
  • Establishing effective communication between participants and visitors;
  • Fulfilment of obligations arising from the law and protection of our Company's legal rights;
  • Performance of contract negotiations, contract execution, follow-up of contract processes, and termination;
  • Providing better service to customers and identifying projects and services suitable for customers;
  • Developing products and services;
  • Management, execution and supervision of the Company's activities;
  • Providing products and services suitable for customer preferences;
  • Follow-up, fulfilment of customer requests and complaints, and measurement of customer satisfaction;
  • Procurement of materials and services needed by the Company;
  • Promotions and announcements of Company activity, execution of sales and marketing activities;
  • Procurement, planning, management and inspection of human resources required by the Company, provision of personal rights;
  • Ensuring the necessary coordination and cooperation with group companies and suppliers within the Company;
  • Protection of the Company's rights arising from various contracts and laws;
  • Signing the service contract;
  • Procurement of products and services;
  • Submission of marketing proposals;
  • Performance of invoicing and payment transactions;
  • Customer communication related to any changes or additions to existing services and products.

Tarsus shall also use your personal data for legitimate business and commercial causes such as internal recording, analysis, profiling and market research. In order to process your personal data for such purposes, your data may be delivered to third-party processors acting on our behalf . Your data shall be protected according to the applicable legislation. Any feedback that you have submitted is used to improve our website and services that we offer.

Photographs, video and film footage may be taken during our events to use on our websites and other marketing materials.

We have one or more reasons to process your personal data, as follows:

  • For the termination of a contract, if you are a customer, supplier or employee;
  • Where we are under a legal obligation;
  • Where we have legitimate interests;
  • Where your confirmation is received.

When a business or commercial reason to process your personal data exists, a legitimate interest is applied rightfully and in your best interest.

These include some or all the following:

  • to identify and prevent fraud;
  • to help to customize and improve our communication for the customer’s benefit;
  • to ensure the security of our systems;
  • We will always balance our legitimate interests in return for your personal data rights in order to better understand how users interact with our website.

Our Company obtains your personal data from data that you have provided via our website, offline forms, e-mails and via other methods of contact with us. Collected data varies depending on how you use the website and our services.

The processing of personal data refers to any operation performed upon personal data, including collection, recording, storage, retention, alteration, re-organization, disclosure, transferring, taking over, retrieving, classification or preventing the use thereof, fully or partially, through automatic means or, provided that the process is a part of any data registry system, through non-automatic means.

Our Company, as a rule, processes personal data for its own activity. In this regard, our Company may transfer personal data and personal data of a special nature to third parties (to the Group Companies, business partners, shareholders, subsidiaries, insurance agencies, suppliers, public institutions and/or organizations and third parties for the same purposes) by taking the necessary measures in accordance with its lawful purposes of personal data processing.

If a period is stipulated by relevant legislation, our Company retains personal data for the period of time stipulated by such legislation.

If there is no period stipulated by relevant legislation on the length of time that personal data must be retained, personal data is processed for the period of time required for the purpose of the processing of personal data in accordance with our Company practices and commercial practices, depending on the activity carried out by our Company’s while processing that data. In the event that you request the deletion, erasure or anonymization of your personal data, your request may be fulfilled by our Company at the end of the period as stipulated by the legal regulations; however, your personal data is not processed by our Company during this period and is not shared with third parties, except as compulsory arising from national and international laws, regulations and treaties.

In addition, personal data may be shared with our shareholders for the purpose of determining strategies regarding the activities of our Company, and fulfilling audit activities.

Our Company may transfer personal data abroad in accordance with this policy, if sufficient protection is provided in the foreign country where the data is to be transferred. Otherwise, personal data is transferred on the condition that the controllers in Turkey and in the related foreign country guarantee sufficient protection in writing and the Board has authorized such transfers.

All your personal data is processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of the EU, as well as the Law on Protection of Personal Data dated 24/3/2016 and numbered 6698.


We undertake to ensure the security of your information. In order to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or unlawful acts, we have put into practice accurate physical, electronic and organizational procedures to retain and ensure the safety and protection of information collected via the website.

Tarsus, except to the extent required for credit/debit card transactions, shall not rent, sell or change your personal information. A bank or card processing agency should verify personal information for granted authorization.

We retain your personal information as long as necessary to perform our services and internal recording or until you request the deletion of this information. You may request the erasure of your personal information at any time by contacting us via

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Data subjects have the right to be informed during the acquisition of personal data. For more information, please read the following.

The data subject has the right

  • to learn whether their personal data is processed;
  • to request information if their personal data is processed;
  • to learn the purpose of the data processing and whether this data is used for its intended purpose;
  • to request the erasure, destruction or anonymization of personal data under the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of Law No. 6698, in the event of processing based on explicit consent, depending on causes of compliance with the law set forth by Law No. 6698 at any time, and to request notification of this request to any third parties to whom this personal data is transferred, if a transfer occurs;
  • to request the correction of any errors in the personal data and to request this correction from the third parties to whom the personal data is transferred, if a transfer occurs;
  • to learn the identity of third parties to whom the personal data is transferred at home or abroad, to request the correction of incomplete or inaccurate data, if it exists;
  • to request the destruction of personal data, in the event of the disappearance of the conditions required for processing personal data;
  • to request the correction of incomplete or inaccurate data, if it exists;
  • to request notification of any operations carried out by third parties to whom personal data has been transferred, in the event of corrections to or destruction of personal data;
  • to object to the processing exclusively by automatic means of personal data that may lead to an unfavourable consequence for the data subject;
  • to request compensation for any damage arising from the unlawful processing of personal data.

The data subject may notify their requests to the following mailing address, phone number or e-mail address, provided that confirmation of their identity is also submitted.

Title: Tarsus Turkey
Address: Esentepe Mah.Büyükdere Cad. No: 124 Özsezen İş Merkezi B Blok Kat:6 34394 Şişli - Istanbul
Telephone: +90 (212) 292 60 31

Requests by the data subject shall be concluded within a maximum of thirty days and the data subject shall be notified free of charge. However, in the event that the action incurs another cost, the price set by the Board may be collected.

We want to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up to date. Since the information that we have obtained is provided by you, please ensure that your information accurate and up to date. Also, you may ask us to correct, verify, or remove information that you believe is incorrect, by emailing us at

If you have any complaints about the way that our Company uses your personal data, please contact us using the email address provided above. Your personal data may be updated by our Company at any time as per the capacity of data controller.

You may exercise your below mentioned rights within the scope of Article 11 of Law on the Protection of Personal Data (“PPDL”) at any time by contacting Tarsus Turkey, the data controller. Accordingly, our visitors, whose personal data are processed, your abovementioned rights have been limited by law and may likely be provided by us only within certain conditions (please review, particularly, Article 10 and 13 of PPDL). In the event that you wish to exercise your abovementioned rights (e.g., a change of address), please email us at

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