The Flower and Plant Show 2019 Attracts 14,330 Buyers

The Flower and Plant Show 2019 Attracts 14,330 Buyers

The Flower and Plant Show 2019 – the first, and only, ornamental plants and landscaping fair in Turkey on an international scale – concluded successfully.  Held for the 11th time at Tüyap Beylikdüzü by Tarsus Turkey in cooperation with the Ornamental Plant Producers Sub-Association (SÜSBİR), the fair was visited by 14,330 professionals, with 931 coming from abroad. The year’s innovations, from indoor and outdoor ornamental plants to flowers and floriculture materials, from seedlings and seeds to vertical gardening applications, from exotic trees to national plants, and from irrigation equipment to landscaping applications and garden accessories, were exhibited together, with 127 companies participating.

With a focus on closing 2019 with $ 125 million in exports, the Turkish Ornamental Plants Sector was present in full force at Tüyap Istanbul. Tarsus Turkey General Manager Zekeriya Aytemur said that the 11th edition of The Flower and Plant Show, organized by Tarsus Turkey, received a full rating from both exhibitors and visitors: “The ornamental plants sector can perform at a much higher production and market potential. At this time, it is not in the position it deserves due to a number of factors. While diversifying the sector’s sales channels, I believe that it will become even more prominent in the coming period as it also diversifies product portfolio and turns to export. Our fair will also contribute a significant added value to this. With both the fair and the sector combining resources, the goal of becoming one of the world’s largest is quite realistic.”

Participants expressed a common view that ‘the fair happened to be a starting point for the sector, which has been disappointed with the domestic market’

The Flower and Plant Show received a full rating from the participating companies. Seen as an opportunity to open up new markets for the Turkish ornamental plants sector, which employs 78,000 people directly and 500,000 people indirectly, the fair helps drive the sector. As an exhibitor, the manager of Gaye Süs Bitkileri, Abdullah Okul, said that the company enjoyed a very successful fair, despite the negative market conditions. Işık Peyzaj manager Barış Işık said, “As it has for years, The Flower and Plant Show has also demonstrated this year that it is the most inclusive organization in the industry.” Stressing that the fair started on a strong note, despite stagnation in the construction sector, and savings measures and changes in duties in the municipalities, Ada Plant manager Yasin Otuzoğlu emphasized that they were pleased with the visitor profile. Emiliano Innocenti, owner of Rolando Innocenti, among the international exhibitors at The Flower and Plant Show, said that the fair was the right address for companies serving in the field of outdoor ornamental plants.

Together with innovations in ornamental plants and landscaping, the sector’s agenda has moved to the Show!

In addition to being one of the sector’s most prominent commercial events on an international scale, the Flower and Plant Show also continued to feature a sharing platform, offering discussions and information on the ornamental plants and landscaping agenda. In the Landscape and Urban Design Panels and Conferences, held concurrently with the fair, a series of sessions were hosted by SÜSBİR, PMO (Chamber of Landscape Architects), İPAR (Rope Trails and Adventure Parks Association) and İstanbul Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş. Conferences. Important topics that included sectoral organization and new export routes, as well as breathing cities, climate crisis and landscape architecture, were followed with great interest by visitors.

The Flower and Plant Show, which hosted 14,330 visitors from Turkey and abroad this year, including municipalities, public institutions, construction and landscape project firms, touristic facilities, construction markets, city planners and architects, will be held on November 12-14 next year.