The Ornamental Plants and Landscape Industry Set to Gain Momentum in November!

The Ornamental Plants and Landscape Industry Set to Gain Momentum in November!

The Turkish Ornamental Plants Industry brings its new products and services to the world at The Flower and Plant Show, in November 2021. Generating an annual average of TL 6 billion via direct employment of 100,000 people and indirect employment of 500,000 people, the sector cultivates quality products at European standards at advantageous prices. Contracted production is preparing to write new export stories driven by the power of Turkey’s logistic advantages.

The Flower and Plant Show – held in cooperation with the Ornamental Plants Producers Sub-Association (SÜSBİR), the voice of 5,000 producers, and the support of the Chamber of Landscape Architects, takes place from November 11-13, 2021. The Fair will feature products ranging from indoor and outdoor ornamental plants to flower and floriculture goods, from seedlings and seeds to vertical garden applications, from exotic trees to national plants, and from irrigation equipment to garden supplies as well as landscape projects and applications.

The Flower and Plant Show, the most effective speciality fair for the Plant and Landscape Industry in Eurasia

Tarsus Turkey Fair Director Mustafa Gültekin Gökgül said that “We will open new export channels for the Ornamental Plants and Landscape Industry.  We will bounce back in this difficult times: with our 30,000 square meter exhibition area, we will ensure that our producers reach the commercial environment they need by taking the contribution we make to their business every year a step further this year.” He added that the Fair would enable producers to create new business connections and export opportunities with their exhibitors just when they need it most, by bringing important buyers together with the local producers and landscape companies at The Flower And Plant Show.

Last year, the Turkish Ornamental Plants Sector produced 1. 718 billion cut flowers, indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, and flower bulbs on an area of 52.5 million square meters, closing 2019 with USD 43 million in imports, corresponding to USD 80.4 million in exports. The sector, which provides direct employment for 100,000 people and indirect employment for 500,000 people, realizes production of approximately TL 6 billion. For detailed information about The Flower and Plant Show, the largest meeting of the Turkish Ornamental Plants Industry in Turkey, you can visit